The Planetary Nutbums

by The Planetary Nutbums

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Thank you so much for everyone's support over the time we've been playing music together. We'll always be grateful for you guys.

Until next time,

Cristian Barrios- Vox/Guitar
Nolan Dorics- Vox/Bass
DJ Entzian- Drums
Ryan Stokes- Vox/Guitar

We'd like to thank:
The GBC, Normal State, The Neckbeards (TNB), Older Notes, Pinkwench, Triple Backflip Committee, Dungeons, Scott and Lori Stokes, Grayson Howard, Nate Haddon, Jeb Hiatt, and Bob Ross.


released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


The Planetary Nutbums Dunkirk, Maryland

Friends that used to make tunes together. 2015-2017

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Track Name: Stoner Girl
I'm sitting in my room smokin' some mj
The smell always brings me back to those days
I'm getting so tired of being away from you
Didn't really think you'd follow through

I'm stuck on you like the smell of weed on your favorite dress
And now I'm addicted bc it makes me feel at home
I don't have much to offer but my love
Just come and be my stoner girl

Misery is a funny feeling
Do you ever think of me at night?
I know I sure always do
But at this point I've got nothing left to prove

And I'll lay there in my bed
Looking at Polaroids
Something I cant avoid
There's one of you
There's one of me
I look so petty
You look so pretty
Track Name: Mr Mad
What do you people think of me?
Am I years ahead of my self?
Compared to a grumpy old man?

Get off my fucking lawn
You goddamn kids these days
Get out of my head
These voices will make me dead

Looking in the mirror tryna find myself
Will I forever play pac man
At my local diner
Track Name: Fox Mulder
I wanna believe that something's out there
The truth, what could it be?
Is it something we really wanna know?
Are things better left untold?

The governments always tryna hide something from us all
Everyone else looks at me like I'm some crazy fool
Track Name: Pumpkin Hill Zone
da great emeralds power allows me 2 feel
Track Name: Alien Godfather
One generation to the other
There comes a time when you lose your mother
Dead parents gone from my life
I took a liking to this knife
Then one day something fell from the sky
It spoke in a language I've never heard
Yet somehow I understood
Everything that it had to say


It took me places I've never seen
It showed me everything even it's queen
Planets galaxies and even the universe
But all it wanted was a human purse
Track Name: Jeff
It's been two weeks since the day
You're there, but not really here
You took that glass and broke it
Right over my head
You let the cat out of the bag
In the middle of a pack of wolves
It's been two weeks since the day
No more monkeying around
My hands are almost broken
From playing smash all by myself
Wait where are you going now?
Stay, Play, You can pick Shulk
Track Name: Ode To Bobby Hill
Raise an idyllic image of a house
Is your father absent or is he just made of Cotton?
Your aspirations are pointless
You're such a disappointment

Take away all you are trying to say
Maybe mom can save you today

Get out of my house
My boy ain't much but he's all I got